Gavin Dass

For United States Congress, Texas District 1 – 2022

A constituent asked me “Why you”. It’s not enough to say that I’m well educated, or that I have good ideas, and no. Not being a Republican is not enough. My campaign is entirely grass roots. Paid for entirely by everyday people like you. I’m running for office, because I was asked to by the people of East Texas. I’ve dedicated my entire life in service to the people of CD-1. This position isn’t a title. It’s a job, and I’m the only candidate in this primary qualified to do that job. My policy positions and proposed legislation speak for themselves. 

Vision, Issues, & Values

Our country suffers from a lack of vision. Both sides of the aisle can’t seem to come up with solutions unless it means throwing money at the problem. We think of short term profits, instead of long term sustainable growth. This type of thinking has led our country to the brink of financial collapse twice in my lifetime. Inflation continues to rise, our quality of life has gone down, and our nation is at the brink of war.  
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

We long for change, and ask for young people to step up to the plate. So here I am. With a goal no less than saving the world. East Texas is my family, and I’ll do anything to protect y’all. 

 Empowering our local governments. 
Local governments are the economic engines of our country. Counties, Municipalities, and School Districts, have bared the brunt of COVID’s effects. So much so, that the federal reserve and congress had to provide aid to avert a potential financial collapse of our local governments. At the end of the day, local governments provide us with most of the services we receive, yet receive the least amount of tax dollars. To future proof our economy, we must focus on the best and most efficient ways to run our country. Not political squabbles. Many rural counties in East Texas lack basic necessities like hospitals, clean tap water, or internet access. Citizens in these areas pay taxes, yet receive little of their benefits. By investing in these areas we can create jobs, give people access to basic necessities, and create opportunities for citizens to help themselves. 



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The Values We Need Right Now

About Gavin

Gavin Dass was born near Greenbriar Road and Dixie Elementary in Tyler, Texas. While attending Tyler Legacy High Shool, Gavin started working in a Barbecue restaurant at fifteen, and volunteered for political campaigns and charity organizations on the weekends. After graduating from Tyler Legacy High School, Gavin graduated with an Associates from Tyler Junior College, then transferred to the University of Texas, where he graduated from in 2020. Moving back to Tyler to help his family, Gavin began working as independent journalist and as a substitute teacher during the pandemic. On the path to getting his teaching certificate, Gavin Dass was asked to run for office by local party members. In under a week, our campaign raised the money to pay for the Texas’s $3,125 filing fee. All grass roots. It’s time we had a leader for the people. Someone with new ideas, someone with the lived experience of struggle, and someone young enough to actually do something.

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